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Training and Qualifications

Using CHAMPS2 to facilitate your organisation's business change will structure your approach, develop your teams and ensure that you deliver outcomes that match your strategic needs. But, as with any methodology, the benefits achieved from its use will depend upon the way that it is implemented and the knowledge of the teams involved.

To assist your organisation, CHAMPS2 has partnered with APMG-International to develop formal qualifications in CHAMPS2 at Foundation and Practitioner level. The qualifications are awarded by APMG and the training is carried out by accredited training organisations.

Foundation and Practitioner qualifications

You can attain CHAMPS2 qualifications at Foundation and Practitioner levels. The Foundation confirms your understanding of CHAMPS2, whilst the Practitioner asks you to apply your knowledge in practice.

You have two options:

  1. Study on your own (we recommend using the CHAMPS2 manual) and take the exams in an open centre
  2. Attend training courses. At the end of each course you will sit an exam.

The Foundation training course is typically three days with a 45 minute exam. The Practitioner course takes two additional days to complete and the Practitioner exam two hours. The length of the training may vary depending on the training organisation that delivers the training.

APMG-International's CHAMPS2 Certification PDF (updated November 2012) explains more about the exam formats.

How do I get recognised in CHAMPS2?

To become a recognised CHAMPS2 professional you need to attain certification at Foundation or Practitioner level.

All registered CHAMPS2 professionals are listed in an online register on the APMG-International website. The register can be accessed by individuals and companies for a verified list of practitioners.

What level of qualification should I aim for?

The Foundation qualification aims to give practising team members and leaders a clear overview and understanding of the key phases of the CHAMPS2 method and how they could be applied in their organisation.

The Practitioner qualification aims to give members of business change teams practical skills and techniques to apply the CHAMPS2 method in a range of circumstances. The qualification does this by developing knowledge and understanding of the principles and practices required to lead within transformation programmes.

Where can I get my CHAMPS2 training?

APMG-International have a list of accredited training organisationswho deliver CHAMPS2 training programmes.

If you are interested in our training programmes and would like to find out more you can also use the contact form, putting 'training' in the subject field.

Where can I take the CHAMPS2 exams?

From Birmingham City Councils training department.

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