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Before applying for the ECDL On-line Learning Programme it is important that you read and understand the following information. On your Application Form you will be required to complete a “Learning Contract”, which states details of the commitment needed to achieve the ECDL qualification.

ECDL is an examination course brought via the British Computer Society (BCS) and the ECDL Foundation. The qualification holds national accreditation status therefore has a set syllabus for ECDL Levels 1 and 2.

By following this On-line Learning Programme you will be covering either or both Level 1 and 2 Modules, these are:

Level 1: 3 Units:

Word Processing



Level 2: 4 Units:

Word Processing



Improving Productivity Using IT

You must pass all units at the level you are studying in order to gain the qualification.

For this Programme a blended-learning approach has been adopted, which offers face-to-face support and learning as well as on-line (virtual) support and learning, over a duration of approximately 20 weeks.

All learning materials and activities are Internet based and accessed via a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) – ECDL Learner Zone, this includes assignments, quizzes, pre-assessments, discussion and chats forums, achievement tracking records, etc.

The essence of the Programme is flexibility, so that learners can take responsibility to plan their own learning to suit their needs and to fit in with their timescales. The VLE is accessed via the Internet, therefore can be used anytime / anywhere.

A Test at the end of each Unit must be taken for the ECDL accreditation. For this an On-line Test System is used, access to which is only available in a BCS Accredited Centre, (our Registered Adult Education Centre, Southside Business Centre).

It is vital that a commitment is made by yourself and between you and your Line-Manager, to assist in your successful completion of the Programme and to gain the ECDL qualification. It is suggested that a time commitment of 6 hours per week to cover the learning will be required and this time to be split between work-time and home-time.  Further details of this commitment are included in the Application Form section.

It is important that Learners have access to appropriate IT equipment and access to the Internet, preferably both at work and at home, you will be required to indicate this on your Application Form.

For all new ECDL Learners it is essential to attend an Induction Session, where you can find out all about ECDL and our VLE. You will be instructed on how the VLE works, shown how to access it and then be given time to look at the learning materials and try out some of the On-line facilities.

At the end of the Induction Session you will be given an official Registration Form to complete and a few days in which to consider if this On-line Learning Programme is what you want – once this form is handed-in you will be issued with your own personal Login to the VLE and be registered with BCS for your ECDL Tests.

Your eTutor will give you a timetable listing the Face-to-Face Support and Test Session dates. Please note that the Support Sessions are flexible and optional – you can choose when and if you need to attend.

Once you have commenced on the Programme it will be very important for you to keep in contact with your eTutor, via email, phone or attendance at the face-to-face sessions, this is to ensure that you receive all the support you need and the eTutor can keep track of your progress.

Some basic computer skills are an essential requisite for this Programme. However the Learning Materials do include ICT learning for beginners. Also you will need to understand how the VLE works so prior use of the Internet will help.

ECDL ITQ On-line Learning Programme

ECDL is the European Computer Driving License – a nationally recognised ICT qualification which covers the key concepts of computing and proves a learner has achieved a uniform standard in computer skills and knowledge.

We deliver the ECDL qualification as an On-line Learning Programme this offers you a flexible way in which to learn, using a blended-approach of face-to-face sessions and "virtual" on-line learning.

Modules Covered:

ECDL is broken down into 2 Levels which includes a total of 7 Units.

Level 1: 3 Units:

Word Processing




Level 2: 4 Units:

Word Processing



Improving Productivity Using IT


Duration & Attendance:

The duration of this On-line Learning Programme is approximately 20 weeks. Attendance requirements are detailed here:

Group Sessions (face-to-face with eTutor)

Attendance Requirements



Support Sessions


Test Sessions


Teaching and Learning Methods:

The face-to-face teaching and eTutor support is gained via attendance at face-to-face Support Sessions (optional attendance), as well as via phone or email support.

The on-line learning is accessed via the Internet, using the ECDL Learner zone, therefore internet access is essential.

eTutor Support


On-line Learning

Group Induction Session (f-to-f)

Learning Materials – Manuals & Demos

Group/Individual Support Sessions (f-to-f)

Lessons & Assignments

Group/Individual Test Sessions (f-to-f)

Assessment & Quizzes

Individual Telephone Support

Learning Plans & Achievement Records

Individual Email Support

Discussion Forums & Chat Facilities



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