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Achieving commercial objectives, whether through procurement, managing contracts or revenue generating activities requires a robust approach to negotiation by commercial staff involved both in terms of process and interpersonal skills. Optimising our outcome from negotiation means we have to have clear objectives, not just in terms of cost but also other forms of value which may be created through closer working relationships with our commercial partners, leading to new ways of working and innovation. Achieving sometimes contradictory outcomes, understanding the main negotiation process phases and applying the relevant interpersonal skills successfully can be a real challenge for staff involved.

This 1 day course is designed to develop awareness of key aspects of negotiation, provide insight to the process, techniques and interpersonal skills required and offer the opportunity to practice their application in a safe environment for experimentation and feedback.


On completion of this course delegates will be better able to:

  • Negotiate more confidently, both commercially and operationally
  • Prepare and plan for negotiations effectively
  • Conduct negotiations in a professional manner
  • Steer the negotiation process in a more considered way  
  • Recognise their own negotiation behaviour and styles and those being used by others
  • Understand the dynamics involved in commercial negotiation
  • Establish and maintain sound commercial relationships
  • Optimise the outcomes from their negotiations   

Key Topics

 ü  Understanding the nature of negotiation

 ü  Developing a negotiation strategy / approach

ü  The negotiation process - key stages and activities 

ü  Tools for objective setting, planning and preparing for negotiations

 ü  Process framework for conducting negotiations

ü  Effective behaviours and styles in negotiation

ü  The role of influencing, persuasion and power in negotiation

The course agenda includes a range of activities including presentation, group working, questionnaires, and scenario case study role play, facilitating practice in all stages of the negotiation process.

Who Should Attend

 ü  Personnel involved in any form of commercial negotiations (buy or sell-side)

 ü  Procurement personnel involved in negotiating contracts with supply organisations

 ü  Contract Managers with responsibility for managing supplier contracts

ü  Staff involved in revenue generating commercial relationship

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