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  • This one day workshop is designed to build awareness of the main guidance available for all staff with significant involvement in Contract Management across BCC.

  • It provides delegates with the opportunity to explore the application of the BCC Contract Review Methodology to their own contracts, introduces the role of the Sheffield Best Practice CM Toolkit and offers contract managers the opportunity to share and standardise good contract management practice from across all directorates in BCC.


On completion of this workshop delegates will be able to confidently:

  • Understand the key concepts relating to contract management

  • Understand how to apply the BCC Contract Review Methodology (BCC CRM) to their own contracts

  • Navigate the Sheffield Best Practice Contract Management Toolkit (SBPCMT) to identify modules relevant to their contracts

  • Structure their approach to managing contracts with suppliers using the BCCCRM and SBPCMT

  • Manage and facilitate improved contract performance through adoption of the BCCCRM and SBPCMT

  • Deliver tangible improvements and benefits from their supply contracts

Key Topics


  • The Importance of CM in BCC / SCC
  • Critical Success Factors for Contract Management
  • The Contract Management Lifecycle – overview
  • Roles and Responsibilities for CM in BCC
  • The BCC Contract Review Methodology
    • Insight to the activities, tools and techniques at each phase in the BCCCRM
      • Information Gathering
      • Contract Mapping & Profiling
      • Assessment & Verification
      • Gap / Opportunity Analysis - Developing a CM Plan
      • Stakeholder Approval
      • Implementation
    • Application of key tools and techniques to delegate contracts
  • The Sheffield Best Practice Contract Management Toolkit
    • Overview and navigation
    • Module structure
    • Principles of application 

Who Should Attend

  • Contract Managers and staff with significant involvement in managing contracts.


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