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Contract Management is the means by which organisational objectives are delivered through contractual arrangements with suppliers. In many organisations the role of Contract Manager is delegated to operational management and therefore segregated, in terms of responsibilities, from the procurement process. Effective contract management requires a coordinated and structured approach to supplier management lead by individuals with a breadth of procedural and interpersonal skill sets.

This 2 day course is designed to enhance the performance and confidence of personnel involved in managing supplier contracts, thereby optimising the delivery of value from external supply contracts.


On completion of this course delegates will be able to confidently

  • Understand their role and the role of others in managing supplier contracts
  • Structure their approach to managing contracts with suppliers
  • Manage and facilitate improved contract performance through sound procedures and motivation of supplier personnel
  • Manage supplier performance making effective use of review meetings and other approaches
  • Make a professional impact in their relationships with suppliers and other stakeholders
  • Input to and utilise the written contract in their management of contracts
  • Deliver tangible improvements and benefits from their supply contracts

Key Topics

  • The role of the contract manager
  • Structuring the contract management process to optimise contract performance
  • Understanding the structure of the legal contract and the practical implications for contract managers
  • The role of risk management in managing supplier contracts
  •  The application of performance management and continuous improvement principles in commercial contracts
  •  The “Contract Manager’s Practical Toolkit” to facilitate contract performance improvement
  •  The application of supply chain management and process improvement principles to deliver contract objectives
  • Effective supplier and stakeholder relationship management
  • Inter-personal skills used in managing supplier relationships effectively   

Who Should Attend

  • Personnel responsible for managing the performance of supplier contracts
  • Managers responsible for supporting contract management staff (operations and procurement)
  • Supplier personnel responsible for managing contract delivery with their customers
  • Procurement personnel requiring a detailed insight to contract performance management
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