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CHAMPS2 - Realising Transformational Change

Sheena Atkinson, Elena Martin, Sarah Hinksman
The Stationery Office

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Book Information

CHAMPS2 – Realising Transformational Change brings accumulated knowledge about transformational change together in one package. It is a proven approach to successfully delivering transformational change. This manual provides detailed guidance on running, structuring and
delivering the desired Benefits of radical change programmes.
The CHAMPS2 method seeks to provide answers to the questions posed by change programmes aimed at making a real and lasting difference.

  • How do we radically rethink our processes, organisation and technology?
  • What is the potential scope for transformation?
  • What are the real Benefits for our customers and stakeholders?
  • What happens if the change programme goes off course?
  • How do we ensure that we deliver real results?
  • What can be done to make sure the solution is implemented consistently and efficiently?

Professional qualifications at Foundation and Practitioner level in CHAMPS2 accompany this manual. They provide recognition of learning and application of the core skills required to run and work with the CHAMPS2 process. The qualifications are offered through TrainBAES, an Accredited Training Orgainsation (AT0).

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