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APM Group International
APMG is CHAMPS2's accreditation partner. In addition to CHAMPS2, APMG also accredits organisations and individuals in PRINCE2, MSP and other accreditation programmes.

APM Group International


Birmingham City Council
Birmingham City Council is the largest local authority employer in the UK. CHAMPS2 originated within Birmingham City Council in 2006 for use in their ambitious transformation programme.

Birmingham City Council

Birmingham's CHAMPS2 page

Institute for Continuous Improvement in the Public Sector
ICiPS' mission is to advance professionalism in the application of continuous improvement across the public sector, acting as advocates for the profession, promoting excellence within this field of expertise and ensuring that C.I. is at the heart of all public sector activity.


ICiPS partner page

Improvement and Efficiency West Midlands
IEWM supports local authorities and partnerships in their drive to increase efficiency and improve local public services. Providing specialist support in areas such as efficiency, transformation, procurement, asset management, people & leadership development and adult and children's social care. There is also support for fire and rescue authorities.



Local Government Association
The LGA exists to support, promote and improve local government. They aim to help councils thrive and adapt to the changes underway in public services, and to improve the quality of life for local residents.


A membership association for ICT professionals working in local authorities and the public and third sectors and suppliers to those sectors. Socitm provides a forum for the promotion, use and development of ICT best practice. It is also plays a leading role in ICT-facilitated local government transformation in the UK. Socitm Advisory use CHAMPS2 as one of their consultancy tools.


Socitm Advisory

Planting the Flag

SPRINT is a change and innovation method developed specifically for the public sector. It is the core of a suite of initiatives designed to foster learning and best-practice in public sector renewal. It is underpinned by a philosophy that sees successful public-sector change as emanating from a fertile environment in which leading-edge knowledge, methods and techniques are made available.


TMI Systems
TMI Systems provide Cloud based services to the Public and Private sector. They have built CHAMPS2 into their Verto cloud based management and collaboration tool.

TMI Systems

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