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Method FAQs

Can I get a local copy of CHAMPS2?

CHAMPS2 is a web based methodology, to ensure that regular updates and the quality of the method is maintained. However, if your organisation is interested in using CHAMPS2 to support your Transformation Journey, we can arrange to load the content of CHAMPS2 onto a local version for your organisation, although we would need to charge for this service to cover our costs.

If interested, please contact the CHAMPS2 Support Team.

How do I get CHAMPS2 to fit into my organisation?

It is not so much can you fit CHAMPS2 into your organisation, it is more a question of tailoring CHAMPS2 around your organisation's needs and capabilities.

CHAMPS2 has been developed to be flexible to suit the needs of your organisation. Using the Quality Framework embedded within CHAMPS2 you can review how much or how little of CHAMPS2 you use to suit your organisation's needs and the transformation delivery scope and plan that you have chosen, by Phase.

Look on the CHAMPS2 method as your transformational �Sat-Nav', you decide where you want to get to as an organisation and then use CHAMPS2 to help map out the most appropriate path to use for your transformation journey to help you and your teams reach your planned transformational Outcomes and Benefits.

How scalable is CHAMPS2?

CHAMPS2 has been developed to be flexible across services, people and procedures. It has been continually developed by business transformation practitioners since 2006.

This flexibility can be applied with rigour to all sizes of transformation programme due to the overall governance and gateway processes embedded into CHAMPS2.

For example whilst CHAMPS2 is being used to very positive effect in Birmingham City Council, UK, (The largest local authority in Europe), CHAMPS2 is being equally successfully used by a different scale of council at Swindon Borough Council, UK.

Can I use CHAMPS2 for existing projects?

Existing projects would normally be reviewed in the initial stages of a transformation programme to understand whether they complement or impact your organisation's transformation outcomes.

CHAMPS2 advises that this review is completed early on to clearly define which projects should continue in the business as usual environment to support frontline services, which should be absorbed into the transformation programme and which should be stopped, (As they diverge too far from the overall transformation outcomes and objectives of your organisation or the path you wish to take).

How does CHAMPS2 differ from other methods?

CHAMPS2 covers the end to end delivery lifecycle of a business change programme and includes all aspects of change for process, organisation and technology.

CHAMPS2 guides you and your teams through the change journey, suggesting the best path in order to achieve your desired outcomes, whilst encompassing all the skills, processes and practices.

Whilst CHAMPS2 is fully complementary to programme & project management methods including PRINCE2 and MSP, it is predominantly focused on the end-to-end lifecycle of a transformation programme, where organisations need a more fundamental change in their operations than incremental and continuous improvement methods can provide.

CHAMPS2 is also different in that the method is content rich, providing your organisation with a full resource set to assist and guide your business change Journey, with templates, worked examples, "how to" guides and background presentations across the complete end-to-end lifecycle of a transformation programme.

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