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CHAMPS2 Overview

The CHAMPS2 Approach

CHAMPS2 is broad in scope encompassing the whole business change journey, from identifying the business need, to achieving the desired outcomes. It is rich in detail including how-to guides, document templates and best practice examples online.

The method not only provides a structured approach to change management, it is also flexible and can be adapted for use in a range of change initiatives of any scale, across both public and private sector organisations.

The CHAMPS2 Process

The phased approach of CHAMPS2 provides a logical starting point for your change journey defining your organisation’s strategic needs, then provides a journey that you can tailor to fit your organisation to ensure that your strategic outcomes meet your strategic needs.

CHAMPS2 will take you on a vision led, benefits driven change journey using 8 Phases

An outline of each phase of the method can be viewed using the menu on the right.

How CHAMPS2 works

CHAMPS2 divides transformational change into eight phases, which are illustrated below. These phases guide us from the beginning (the strategic need) to the end (the strategic Outcome).

The eight phases are broken down into stages, each one of which will achieve a specific objective; for example, determining strategic needs.

Within the stages are a varying number of activities that can be followed to complete the stage.

There are example stages (numbered 1.1-1.6) and activities (labelled 1.5.1-1.53) in the middle of the diagram below. The bottom section shows the link with examples, templates and 'how to' guides which support the method. These can be found in the free online CHAMPS2 Knowledge Centre.

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